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My goal is to help families see that sleep is not just a basic necessity, but extremely important for a child's overall wellbeing. Sleep is also a necessity for adults, but many times we sacrifice our own needs for our children.

Being a mother and parent is hard enough, but overtired children can make it really hard.  In my opinion, sleep, schedules, and motherhood in general have become too complicated.  When we work together, I educate you by breaking sleep down to basic science so that it makes sense to tired parents. Once you see the "why," we work together to figure out the "how."  

I focus on being honest, realistic, and helpful. I pull from my own personal and professional life experiences to help empower you to make changes that will allow you to see results.  


Sleep is a necessity and once you get it, your life can truly change. 

 Feel free to contact me with any questions &/or check out my Frequently Asked Questions



HSA/FSA Approved by most plans under Sleep Hygiene, Sleep Environment Education/Changes, or Sleep Deprivation Treatment. Make sure to check with your carrier to see if your account will cover my services.



  • One time 90 minute Call 

  • In Depth Questionnaire to be filled out by you and reviewed by me prior to our call so that our time is utilized efficiently

  • Verbal Sleep Plan, Schedule, and steps to take to see results

  • No follow up included.                    *May add Voxer support if needed




  • One time 90 minute Call 

  • In Depth Questionnaire to be filled out by you beforehand so that our time is utilized efficiently

  • Verbal Sleep Plan, Schedule, and steps to see results

  • 2 Days of Voxer Support with me as you navigate your new plan. 



  • In-depth questionnaire and evaluation

  • 60-minute Zoom consultation. (can include evaluation of sleep space)

  • Customized sleep plan sent to your inbox

  • Daily Voxer/text messaging during available hours 

  • Virtual sleep tracking log

  • Final call to wrap up and ask me anything 

Add-On & Follow Up Options

  • Voxer App is FREE and a great way for busy mamas (& Abbey) to communicate 

  • Voice messaging back & forth is amazing for tired mamas, plus the voice memos never go away so can be listened to again & again

  • Video & Photo sharing if needed

  • Abbey guaranteed to respond at least twice/day to answer any questions 

  • This option is for clients who have previously worked with me and/or have purchased an option above

Customized Sleep Plan PDF

  • Don't worry about taking notes during our call, add-on this Sleep Plan & it will all be there for you.

In-home Consultation

  • Local to Auburn/Opelika area? I can come to you and be hands on instead of a phone or virtual call. 

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The Process

Pick Your Service 

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Schedule Our Call

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Need a Fairy Godmother?

Abbey is an absolute Fairy godmother. My daughter is 2 years old and has been waking up anywhere from 6-10 times a night since she was born. I finally decided I needed some help to get her sleeping properly. I was falling apart, and Abbey was a saving Grace for me and my daughter.


Within four nights of using the proper plan written by Abbey, Eliza was sleeping 12 hours and napping 2 hours. Not only did this help me, it totally changed the disposition of my baby. She has always been so hard and “wild,” but now she can function because she is getting the proper amount of sleep. Before this sleep therapy, Eliza couldn’t sit still long enough to watch TV and now she loves to watch a movie or cartoons. I will forever be grateful for the gift of sleep for my daughter. Abbey wrote the most perfect plan for us and gave the best support!!! 


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