Hey, I’m Abbey Love. I’m a nurse, a lover of education and travel, and I’m mama who has things I want to share with other mamas.

My husband, Quillie, and I now live in Auburn, Alabama with our 4 children: Moss who is a 5 years old that currently loves soccer and all things boy. We also have 2 year old triplets: Newton, Essie Grace, and John Hardy. They love food and anything else they can get their hands on these days.

It’s a wild ride, but with our village, adequate sleep, and some deeply planted roots, we survive and thrive. 


Hey Mama!

My Philosophy on Sleep

Sleep is necessary.

Sleep is something that everyone, no matter the age, needs. In our busy world today, people are trying to squeeze sleep in where they can instead of making it a priority. Earlier in my life, I knew sleep was important, but I didn’t have tiny humans to worry about the next day. Now that I am a mother, I see how essential sleep is for the whole family.

Sleep needs to be a priority.

If we teach kids the importance of sleep from the start, we are setting them up for success. Sleep should not evoke negative emotions and create anxiety. I can help you make sleep a positive thing in your home and something your children start to appreciate.

Sleep doesn't need to be hard.

We, as humans, are created to be awake during the day and sleep at night. Our bodies are designed this way. With all of the sleep information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. I want to help make sleep be something that comes naturally and is desired by making it simple and easy to obtain. 

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You're in Good Hands

Registered Labor & Delivery Nurse

Experienced in Lactation and Support

Certified in Basic Life Support (BLS)

Advanced Certified Life Support (ACLS)

Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (NRP)  

Educator & Consultant

Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Certified Basic Life Support Instructor 

Childbirth Educator of Childbirth Class Instructor

18 Years Experience with Special Needs

1100 Training Hours of Bodywork and Alternative Modalities

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"Sleep is essential to our well-being and it is time we recognize it. "

I grew up in the Mississippi Delta.  Since I was born and raised in Mississippi, I know what it means when people say “it takes a village”. 

I was raised by strong parents and some strong women in particular. Steel Magnolias come to mind, and that’s what I’m trying to create with Magnolia Families: strong mothers and families that are educated and grounded in the importance of sleep and rest. Sleep is essential to our well-being and it is time we recognize it. 

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Even Your  Unicorn  Kid Can Be Helped

Nobody knows our baby or child like we do. I know you may feel like your kiddo is a unicorn, that nobody can help. I can help you. I am a mother of toddler triplets and a 5 year old. I have a unique view of what it’s like to help 4 different personalities that are on the same schedule at the same time. I don’t offer cookie-cutter fixes because personalities are unique. Different children have different needs.  I’ve got personal experience with those spirited boys and a very spirited little girl. I would love to use my experience and my knowledge of biological sleep times to help get you and your family rested.

Let's Work Together!