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Who Can I help?

As an experienced medical professional and a mother of four, I specialize in areas that help parents create better routines and sleep better.

I will help guide and empower families as they navigate sleep, daily routines, and more. 

I help:

Pregnant Mamas & Newborns

Infants, Toddlers, & School Aged Kids (4 months-6 years)

    Multiples (I'm a triplet mama)

Children with Disabilities

I specialize in:

Childbirth Preparation & Education

 Newborn Care + Guidance

Pediatric Sleep


Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Newborn Education

As a seasoned L&D nurse and Certified Childbirth Educator, I can help answer some common questions on pregnancy and postpartum while also helping you prepare for your new baby.


I can help you prepare for your hospital stay, offer my answers to questions about labor and birth, & navigate brining home baby (or babies). Whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding a new baby to your family, I can help. 


Once baby gets home, I can educate you on newborn care, sleep, and a realistic routine to make life at home work for you and your family.  

Motherhood is already hard enough, let me help you figure out what works best for you. I'll help you survive and thrive!

Prenatal and Newborn
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Infants, Toddlers, & School Age Kids:
4 months - 5 years


After the newborn phase, which is typically around 4 months (when baby starts showing social cues such as smiling), circadian rhythms form and your baby will be ready to get in a true sleep routine. This is the perfect time to have me help you get started on the right foot from the very start. Many families find that, if they start good sleep habits and routine from the beginning, their children become great sleepers and the need for formal sleep coaching lessens. 


Toddlers take things to a whole new level. Literally. Toddlerhood is typically defined as children ages 12 months- 3 years. During these years, your child is experiencing huge cognitive, emotional, and social developmental leaps. This rapid growth & development will deplete a child's sleep tank quickly and lead to overtiredness.  Toddlers are spirited little characters and most times, sleep issues derive from power struggles that occur due to being overtired (overtired parents as well).  An appropriate sleep space, schedule, and routine continue to be very important, but sometimes, it takes a professional (pointing to myself) to get these kiddos back on track. 

School Age Kids: 

Most school aged children simply need to fill up their sleep tanks. This age group is no longer napping and  can get back on track with a few nights of solid sleep. With this being said, the older the child, the harder it is to break bad habits. Older children can converse and therefore convince us parents that they don't need sleep or can't sleep without special conditions.  Breaking bad habits is typically harder on the parents than the child at this point. A professional can be extremely helpful in getting these kiddos back on track. 

The Process

We'll discuss how I can best help you

 I can help guide you in what is best

for you and your new baby, based on

your needs



As a triplet mama, I know the juggle is real. When it comes to multiples, it's something you can only understand if you've lived it. When I found out we were expecting triplets, I was shocked and my thoughts and fears were isolating at times. I knew I needed help when it came to bringing home and raising 3 babies at once (plus our firstborn), but didn't feel that anyone understood nor did I truly want input from anyone who didn't have triplets or higher order multiples. I respect all mothers, but having twin moms telling me how to raise triplets was unappealing. When it comes to sleep, routines, night wakings, and more for multiples,  a mom of multiples can ease your mind and be most helpful and comforting. If you're pregnant with or have multiples at home, I've got you. 

Children with Special Needs & Disabilities

Having worked with children and adults with disabilities for over 20 years, I feel confident in my ability to help families with babies and children who have special requirements and needs. Sleep is a basic need for all humans, but it can look very  different for some. I will learn along with you and do my best to help get your baby or child sleeping in a way that works best for them and your family. 

A la carte

Needing a Tailored Plan?

Abbey with Magnolia Families has been a lifesaver for me as a new momma.  I read books and tried to prepare as much as possible, but no one tells you how hard everything becomes when you have little sleep.  Trying to tackle taking care of an infant in a pandemic without all the family and friends at our fingertips reach made everything more difficult. I reached out to Abbey because I was overwhelmed.  I had put my baby on a schedule, but it was not tailored to us.  She helped put everything in perspective and took the pressure off of me and reassured me that I am a good momma.  Sometimes you just need to hear that. (I am tearing up as I write this because it has tremendously reduced my anxiety and stress along the way.) 
Abbey was able to give us a schedule that helped our newborn and us get better sleep.  She made sure I was taking care of myself too.  She answered not only sleep questions; but questions about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and diaper rash remedies.  She helped us create a sleep environment for the baby that actually allowed her to rest and gave us realistic expectations. Abbey created a routine for feedings and bedtime that helped us mold our day.  The first night we implemented it our little nugget slept 7 hours.  I know this might not be an every night thing, but for us it was a major win.  I can not recommend Abbey with Magnolia Families enough with her advice and help.  I would tell your friends and family members with infants to toddlers to reach out if you are having issues with sleep or just a routine in general.  It really does make a world of difference.


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