Childbirth Education, Newborn Care Classes, & in-home Nurse Support


Pregnancy & Childbirth Education

As a seasoned L&D nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator, and mother who has experienced both vaginal & cesarean section births, I feel confident that I can help you feel comfortable and prepared as you head into the newest and biggest chapters of your life. 

Evidence-based Education is essential. You need to know what to expect and what role you can & will play in your pregnancy & birth experiences. 

Classes I offer: 

Private Classes

Friend Group Classes

Large Group Session Series

Pregnancy & Birth of Multiples 

VBAC Education Classes

Preparing for Birth after a Traumatic Birth

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Newborn Care 
Education & Support

NB101 -Newborn Care Classes: 

In-Home NB101 Class:  2 -3 hour intensive​​​

includes a safety check of the baby's sleep space & in-person instruction on how to care for your newborn​

Phone Call NB101 Class:  1 hour

includes verbal instruction on how to 

care for your newborn


Topics we can cover: 

 umbilical cord care, circumcision care, bath time, nail clippings, temperature taking, sleep space safety, age appropriate sleep info, soothing & calming techniques, swaddling, diapering, time management , & some of my favorite tips & tricks.


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In-Home Mother & Baby Care

Daytime & Nighttime Care

*minimum of 4 daytime hours & 8 nighttime hours*

Please note that there must be at least 1 legal guardian present in the home during my stay. 


    My help can include the following: 

  • Baby feeding (breast or bottle) 

  • Monitoring feedings and dirty diapers 

  • When to notify an MD and refer to pediatrician 

  • Breastfeeding & Pumping Support
         - including latching, sore nipples, education on milk                     production, clogged ducts, positioning techniques,                  milk supply, & basic information on how often/how                  much to feed.

              - proper breast pump use, pump assembly, proper                            cleaning of parts
              - referrals to highly trained local Lactation Consultant

  • Bottle & Formula Instruction

          -help with formula preparation
           -bottle feeding (amount & timing)   

  •  Formula switching hows & whys

  • New Mother Postpartum Care:

           -Education & care for healing and comfort after                               vaginal deliveries: 
           -Education & care for healing, comfort, & care                                   after a cesarian section

  • Referral & recommendations to counselors, therapists, and medical professionals if needed & wanted by client 

  • Organization & care for multiples

  • I'll take care of baby so you can enjoy alone time &        recharge

  • A listening ear along with non-judgmental conversation & professional support

Pregnancy & Birth of Multiples

I'm a mother of triplets. It's completely overwhelming when you're told that you have more than one baby in your belly. It's something that nobody can understand unless they have carried as many babies (or more) as you at one time. It takes a different kind of mama to navigate the journey of motherhood with multiples. 

I can speak your language and will guide you to be able to fully grasp the wild and wonderful life of carrying, delivering, and mothering multiples. 



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