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that I know & trust

Talli Baby Tracker

One-touch tracking device that helps busy & sleep-deprived parents simply touch a button (or tell Alexa to do it) & log everything from bottle feeds, milestones, wet/dirty diapers, breastfeeding/pumping, SLEEP, and more.
The info is easy to use and to share with your pediatrician, therapists, & sleep consultant ;) 

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A quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies/toddlers get a good night's sleep.
It can be used with mini-cribs, play yards & pack-n-plays, toddler cots, and most inflatable toddler cots. 
This product is a MUST for traveling with babies & toddlers. 
Also helpful for areas that are
noisy & bright such as work spaces.

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Blackout Curtains

The portable blackout curtain completely darkens a room. 
It's simple & so easy to install.

Size fits most windows. 

Dreamland Baby

Soft weighted blankets for those kids that like a little more. 

Also have soft and beautifully colorful sleep-sacks. 

Discount Code: ABBEY15

The Dohm sound machine isT a fan-based white noise machine that is great for the baby phase  and beyond.

The portable/travel Rohm is USB rechargeable and comes with a lanyard for hanging on a stroller or carseat. 
This company has tons of great products. 

An amazing little product that can have a huge impact on calming your child and you too.
It can help combat bedtime battles by easing anxiety through screen-free meditations.
Never meditated? No worries. This product makes it so easy & all you have to do is listen. 
I'm a big fan & all 4 of my kids are too.

Baby Begin Initial Consultation Discount

Baby Begin is a group of pediatric therapist who help parents figure out how to have an at home plan to keep a baby's head round and avoid a helmet.Baby Begin is the Helmet Alternative. Many things can create a head that isn't perfectly round, but luckily, if it's addressed early and you're taught how to correct it, you can avoid the alternative. As a mom of a baby who had to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day, I would have given anything to know about Jennifer, her team, & her work. 

Tough Start Society
Online Course + Community for NICU Families.  

Education & support from a NICU Respiratory Therapist,  L&D/Pediatric Registered Nurse & Pediatric Sleep Consultants who know exactly how to help prepare you
from NICU days to the 12 month milestone! 
     Included in this course:
  • 50+ video lessons guiding you from Going Home Day to 12 Months of age
  • PDF downloads to support your process throughout the course
  • Private Facebook Community with other NICU parents who are in the same shoes as you!
  • Access to getting your questions answered with Mak & Abbey  20% off 

Force of Nature

Cleaner & EPA Registered Disinfectant
with no toxic chemicals
A simple appliance that uses electricity to convert tap water, plus a capsule of salt, water & vinegar, into an all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer and EPA registered disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs.
I love it because it's completely safe. So safe, in fact, that your child can spill it on themselves (like mine have) with no need to worry. 
This cleaner replaces any cleaner you have & works better too! 

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I love to find, try, and then share products that I truly like and have found to be helpful.

So, I thought you might like to have a list +  links to products I recommend.

Baby Needs & things

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Eat, Play, Sleep

Toddlers, Multiples, & more

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